El Espartano

Quality Guarantee

Careful manufacturing processes where each stage is inspected by a team of qualified experts ensures final product quality.
Since its beginnings El Espartano has taking pride in manufacturing high quality products for its clients. The company believes that because of its commitment to excellency as well as the quality of its products El Espartano has been able to develop and grow.


In its modern industrial plants El Espartano has put into practice a vertically integrated process of production which allows a careful control of each manufacturing stage of its products: carpets, rugs, modular carpet tiles and artificial grass for sport fields.


Through this method quality is guaranteed from the initial manufacturing steps up to the final product which is achieved with highly committed people in charge of each production stage.
First a thorough selection of raw materials is made following engineering specifications as well as the project aesthetic characteristics detailed for each client. Then a team of professionals with state of the art technology carry out the task. Finally well trained fitters is in charge of installing the carpet as well as taking special care of details.


El Espartano staff is highly committed and work daily toward excellency. The company issues periodically surveys asking its clients their level of satisfaction so as to be able to provide answers to new requirements and enhance its company strengths. The quality of each of El Espartano products is guaranteed by the challenge to continue being a well known company world-wide.