El Espartano
Foreign Trade

Foreign Trade


Since El Espartano began its industrial activity it has respected international standards, manufacturing products of the highest quality. Honest work and strong belief in traditional values, as well as suppliers endorsement and clients trust allowed the company to develop in the local market. In 1980 El Espartano decided to exhibit it products in the famous International Domotex Fair held in Hanover, Germany. This first international experience was a turning point for El Espartano, its products were received with enthusiasm and the company made the necessary contacts that allowed the first sales in the international market; exports were made first to The United States and The United Arab Emirates then to many other countries around the world.

Unfortunately, exports in Argentina, suffered a severe drawback during the following decade (90s) due to unfavorable exchange rates. Despite this disadvantage, due to adverse economy, for local manufactures, El Espartano was fortunate enough to continue having their products in high demand by international clients. Since 2001 exports were once again financially favorable and El Espartano was able to participate in world wide fairs generating new commercial links with clients in Canada and United States.


El Espartano strengthened its international presence by setting long term policies. Among these strategies was the decision of developing a Foreign Trade Department which is in charge of promoting the company throughout the three American continents. Today El Espartano supplies carpets to first class hotels, casinos, restaurants and business buildings.


El Espartano exports to thirteen countries, mainly in North and South America and has done business with clients in Europe, Africa and Asia.

The whole line of products manufactured and sold in Argentina can be purchased in stores around the world.
The company believes that it is of great importance to continue developing its foreign trade as well as its commitment to improve each and every product that is manufactured in Buenos Aires and sold worldwide.