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Inicios, our new collaboration with Martín Churba


We are happy to announce the launch of our latest collection of pure virgin wool area rugs, designed in collaboration with the renowned Argentine textile designer Martín Churba.

Inicios (Beginnings) draws on Churba’s memories of his youth and a trip through Europe. During those moments, he captured the series of images with his camera that form the basis of the inspiration for this new collection.


His process invites you to connect and relate to the textiles in a different way. For the first time, Churba experimented with the materiality of carpet weaving and, in collaboration with El Espartano’s design team, was able to achieve his vision through projecting a selection of photographs over the weave.


“Something very different occurred to me when I inhabited the textile,” says Churba. “To me, an area rug is a very valuable piece, not just because of the construction involved, but because it forms the skin of your own place, your nest… It is the nicest, softest part of your house, and it invites you to roll around in the textile,” he continues.


The collection is comprised of three independent designs that are produced using the tufting technique, with natural, 100% pure virgin sheep wool fibers. Designs 01 and 02 feature a cut pile texture, while Design 03 combines cut pile and bouclé textures. The tones vary according to each design, and were selected from our pom-poms of 61 different color samples.


The three-dimensional effects and neutral tones with color accents transform Martín Churba’s photographic souvenirs into unique designs that combine the unmistakable signature style of the renowned textile creator with the high-quality of El Espartano.


The Inicios by Churba collection joins the line of rugs developed by our Sustainable Design Laboratory, whose mission is to explore and expand the world of design.

[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n3KOeYXqk1o[/embedyt]


[embedyt] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gt1ZxbbYV1k[/embedyt]


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