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Installation of the carpet

Installation of the carpet

When the time comes to have the carpet fitted you have a number of different options to chose from depending on the characteristics of the room or by a clients special request.
Stretch-in Installation
The reason to utilize this method may be for one of the following reasons:

• Provides enhanced underfoot comfort and acoustical properties.
• Increases thermal insulation.
• Can be used over floors that are unsuitable for the glue-down method.
• Corrective measures, such as seam repair, are easier to perform.
• Removal costs are less than for a glue-down installation

Installation of Carpet Modular

Stretch-in installations should be avoided in the following cases:

• On ramps and and floors with inclines.
• In offices where furniture and detachable partitions are utilized.
• Where frequent rolling traffic is likely.
• Where there is excessive humidity.
• When the carpet has a backing designed only for glue-down installation.

Installation of Carpet

Direct glue-down installation:
• Suitable for rolling traffic and ramp areas.
• Seams are more durable.
• No re-stretch situations.
• Facilitates access to electrical and telephone lines under floor.
• No restrictions to area size.
• Intricate borders and inlays are possible.
• Its less expensive.


Double glue-down installation:
• Improves carpet appearance retention, under foot comfort and overall performance.
• Simplifies carpet bordering and inlaying.
• Suitable for wheeled traffic areas.
• No restrictions on size of area.