El Espartano

Under Carpet


The process of measuring the surface to be covered by the carpet is of the utmost importance when evaluating costs. The closer you are to the exact amount of carpeting you need to purchase the tighter hold you have on the allocated budget.

El Espartano recommends contacting your distributor and schedule an in-home floor measure to verify your carpet measurements with a fully qualified carpet fitter and evaluate the area to be carpeted. During the visit the professional will be able to identify trouble-spots and give an estimate of time required to install the carpet.

There are two main precautions to take into account to enhance the beauty of your carpet: 1- Precise final room measurements to estimate the amount of carpet to purchase. 2 – Carpet and adequate underlay installed by a qualified carpet fitter.

Below El Espartano provides a basic guide for estimating the amount of carpet you will need:

  • Measure the maximum length and width of the room. As a starting point use the external vertex of door frame, to allow carpeting the area not seen when the door is closed.
  • Then multiply those measurements to obtain an estimate reference of the total square meters you will need. Carpet prices are in square meters.
  • If the room does not have a regular shape you will have to measure the irregular area too. This is important so all waste can be utilised, ultimately avoiding unnecessary greater costs.
  • Draw out your room with the dimensions on, this will help when planning your budget and allow you to buy the best quality carpet you can afford.